Kyle and I have been moving around Bali and the surrounding islands for the past two and a half weeks, and throughout our time here we have made a lifetime of memories. I have seen, done, smelt and tasted things that I most likely would have never experience back home. One experience has really altered my perception on this present journey through Indonesia, and even my view on my life as a whole. The past, the present, the future. The physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body. All of this has been viewed in a different light after a visit with Diana Jia (@themethod_healing, www.dianaljia.com), a spiritual healer who utilizes theta healing to create an immense positive change to all levels of the body. My afternoon with Diana is now a memory I will hold close for the rest of this lifetime, a feeling of wellbeing I experience throughout my day, and a practice I can continue to utilize to improve myself and the world surrounding me.

Kyle’s sister, Lindsay, met Diana earlier this year and graciously gave us both a session with her as a graduation present. Lindsay has experienced benefits from her sessions with Diana over the past months, which allowed for Kyle and I to enter our sessions with an optimistic, open mind. Additionally, I truly believe that our past two weeks of travelling has transformed both of us into more mindful individuals. The memories and experiences from our trip so far were brought into Diana’s home and space, and she could feel the excitement and willingness to participate. However, she could also feel the detachment from ourselves, our difficulties with finding peace from whatever it is that was causing us distress.

My journey with Diana was astounding, and left me feeling nothing but present for the first time in my life. I have attempted mediation in every form, and while I have been able to find relaxation in the practice, I have never reached the point of being purely present. That moment where you feel nothing, hear nothing, think nothing, but you are still there. You are more “there” than ever. Diana uses several methods within the larger method (theta healing) to get to your subconscious and achieve positive change, and the various methods depend on the person she is working with. Kyle and I experienced completely different journeys, but were both able to access a sense of presence and lightness during, afterwards, and still today.

My journey began with a conversation with Diana, where we discussed my purpose of being there. We instantly had a connection and understanding of one another due to our traumatic experiences in the past. I was emotional and tired that day from a difficult evening of pain, but her ability to listen and connect with me allowed me to open up fully with her. We discussed the concept of the Source, a creator of all, the Highest Intelligence, a God if you will. While I cannot say I am religious, I can say that I am spiritual. I believe in energy, which is what theta healing uses. My energy, Diana’s, and a bigger sense of energy: the Source. My journey first began with creating a safe and comfortable space, using sound, smell and touch. Diana asked questions surrounding my negative memories, my anxieties, fears, and the daily pain during the beginning of the session. Over one hundred crystals were placed on my body, and Diana began to place her energy over parts of my body, including ankle, stomach, chest and head. Diana shifts herself into Theta brainwave during the session, which allows her to open up, channel energy, and begin the commands to the Source or bigger sense of energy. I was first amazed when she needed to suddenly change her attention to my chest and lungs, which felt heavy and painful at the time. She lightly touched and commanded, and slowly I began to feel a release. I believe it was then when I was able to fully be present with Diana and the healing process.

We used intense guided imagery, and my entire body went weightless. I was floating on the bed. No pain and no thoughts, I was just there. I felt the energy of Diana, the energy surrounding me, and the energy within myself. With guidance, we pushed out the negative and painful memories and feelings through my body and into the earth, cleansing it and bringing back all that is good. We brought me into the darkness, into the light and beyond the heavens. We thought of those who support me and embraced their presence. We told those who don’t support me who I am and allowed for some to enter, and some to leave. We welcomed both the feminine and masculine, and it was not a surprise when my parents immediately entered my mind. When viewing the masculine, Diana asked if my father was still on this earth or had passed. I told her he was still very much alive, and she revealed to me that she felt his presence so strongly that she had to ask. It was such a safe and assuring moment to know that while he is on the other side of the planet, his energy is so close to mine.

Before I returned back to the physical world, Diana focused on my head. I was already in a state of mindfulness, and was experiencing peace, safety, lightness, and no pain. I had been imagining people, objects, and all aspects of myself go to places with the help of Diana; however, when Diana moved to my head and channeled through the temples, I stopped imagining. I stopped everything, and I think this is when my subconscious was opened and I achieved the concept of presence. I believe throughout my healing I was still holding on to something, still worrying, still not letting go, and then suddenly, with the energy focused on the mind, I let go.

I woke up from the session speaking differently, listening more intently, and looking more closely. When Kyle returned from his session, I could feel he too was experiencing a slower, more peaceful sense of self. Kyle and I have spoken about this visit with Diana every day since, particularly discussing the moments of the day where we experience that feeling all over again. While I recognize we both have to continue to work on these difficulties and take care of our bodies on our own terms, this time with Diana and her method has already greatly benefited us as individuals, as friends, as family, as partners. Thank you Diana and Lindsay for this gift.

My time travelling has come to the half way point, but there is so much more in store, and I have so many stories to tell. I will try to post again soon, but for those who want to connect more frequently please do not hesitate to contact me or to view my Instagram account linked to this site. I post photographs taken by myself or Kyle and write often on @livingnowwith. It is a beautiful day in Nusa Lembongan, so I will leave you all now and enjoy my time here. Be well.




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