The Morphine Diaries Part 1

"What medication are you currently taking?" - A question that previously took 20 seconds to respond to, but now results in a thirty minute discussion on the various narcotics, nerve pain, anti-inflammatory, anxiety and sleeping medication I am currently taking, and have taken in the past. I have come to accept that I will be [...]

New Year, Many Changes

I continue to be amazed at how quickly time passes. I am suddenly four months away from gaining two bachelor degrees, only one month from seeing my incredible students and partner teacher again, three weeks from another surgery, and two weeks away from turning twenty-four. As time flies, I attempt to stay in the current [...]

Beauty Behind The Scars-Part 2

Before I go into this next post, I wanted to share something with you all, in hopes that someone out there has some advice. For four years I have been dealing with insomnia, unsure of whether it is anxiety, PTSD, or another reason causing it (possibly a combination). I was addicted to sleeping medication in [...]

From My Mother’s Eyes

I have taken two wonderful weeks off from my regular schedule to be with family in Nelson, BC. While I love where I currently am, I am full of joy when I visit my hometown. Many days were spent with my mother and father enjoying the beauty Nelson has to offer (even with the horrific [...]

Lifelong Rehabilitation

As soon as I was capable of walking on both legs, without any visible casts or scars, people would state "I am so glad you're okay now", or when questioning me about the crash would ask, "But your okay now, right?" Some others would question my physical state even with the visible injuries. After discharging [...]