Living Now

We are constantly being told by others that life can change in a the blink of an eye, to live every day to the fullest, and to never take anything for granted. While we strive to grasp this, it is extremely difficult to understand. Nearly five years ago, at the age of 19, I began to not only comprehend what we are constantly told, but appreciate it as well. On June 9, 2013, my mother and I were hit head on by a drunk driver. Our lives were forever changed. Since then, I have been writing in a journal about my days, the limitations I encounter, the surgeries I fear, the love and support I have received and that I hope to forever provide to others, the days I feel stronger, and the days I feel pure bliss. I finally feel comfortable enough to share my thoughts with others, in hopes that I can reach out to even one individual needing a little more light in their life.

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I say Living Now with Maia instead of Living After with Maia because I am finally beginning to live in the now as the new me, accepting the physical injuries, mental illness, the extreme life changes, and the constant daily struggles. I still remember the past, and I always look forward to the future; however, I am present.

– XO Maia


Time is filled with moments that pass too quickly. Within one of those moments, everything can change. Let us fully embrace the moments in life, be present, live in the now.